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Christmas cleaning tips

During the Christmas season, you’re probably busy buying presents and lots of food to enjoy over the festive period. But don’t forget the cleaning! Here’s our round up of top tips for ‘showing out’ and showing off during the party season and for dealing with the aftermath of all that rich greasy food with some good old fashioned ‘Traditional’ cleaning products.

Christmas turkey and all the trimmings1. The turkey tin and other cooking pans – Soda Crystals are ideal for cutting through the grease left by the turkey, goose or other meat. The same goes for the roast tin. Also make sure that you pour some Soda Crystals down the sink drain with some hot water to make sure you don’t get a nasty greasy blockage top deal with on Boxing Day. How to ‘tackle the tin’


Silver jewellery and cutlery2. Silver cleaning – Did you know that you can clean your silver jewellery and cutlery with ease, using some Soda Crystals and aluminium? This video shows you how. You can use a bowl lined with aluminium foil or a take away tray. It’s great fun to watch the tarnish just fizz away. It’s ideal for intricate silver like chain necklaces.

Note that you should NOT use Soda Crystals on jewellery with soft stones. Watch the video
Bicarbonate of soda in the fridge3. Keep the fridge odours under control – Stilton is as much a staple of Christmas as mince pies, but the odour is slightly less appealing. Simply pop an open box of Bicarbonate of Soda in the fridge to keep odours at bay for a couple of months. Then you can use it for cleaning when its odour absorbing powers are starting to wain.

Bicarb is ideal for freshening carpets, if for example you’ve had smokers at the Christmas party. Learn more about bicarb’s odour zapping powers.

Cleaning a wooden floor with Liquid Soap Flakes4. Wooden Floors – If you don’t have carpets, then trapped cigarette odours won’t be a problem, but spilled drinks and food might be. You can clean wooden and laminate floors with Liquid Soap Flakes. They can even make sure your accessories are in top shape for all those parties; use them to clean leather belts and bags.


Using citric acid to descale and clean a dishwasher5. Cleaning the dishwasher – your dishwasher will be seeing more action over the festive period and probably having to contend with more grease (the healthy salads can wait for the New years’ resolutions). Make sure you clean it afterwards with citric acid or white vinegar. Watch the video.



Walking the dogs wearing waterproof clothing

6. Outdoor walks – Many people take the opportunity to work the turkey off with a country walk on Christmas Day afternoon or Boxing Day morning. Make sure your outdoor jackets are ready for what the British weather might throw at it and ensure that they’re waterproof by using our 2 in 1 Wash & Proof. 

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