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Why Vegans like our products


Dri-Pak products and animal testing

We are often asked whether our products are suitable for vegans and what our policy is on animal testing.

We are pleased to say that all our products are now suitable for vegans. The original 'dry' soap flakes were made from tallow so not suitable for vegans. However, we now no longer produce the dry version; the new Liquid Soap are made from coconut and sunflower oils so ARE suitable. 


Dri-Pak has never tested products or ingredients on animals or commissioned a third party to carry out tests on animals. We ensure that the ingredients that we buy from suppliers have not been tested on animals and we've done that since 2004.

None of our traditional cleaning and laundry products contain palm oil, a controversial product that may have environmental impacts. Here is some more information on our packaging and the environment.


10 thoughts on “Why Vegans like our products

  1. The cost of registering products with The Vegan Society is not prohibitive and is worth it simply because the VS logo is trusted implicitly worldwide.

    1. We respectfully beg to differ. The price is paid every year and is based on packs sold AND company turnover. Given that the cost would ultimately have to be passed on to the consumer, we suspect that most customers wouldn’t be happy in these difficult economic times. We’d certainly struggle to get it agreed by the retailers. We’d argue that it’s the best value for money cleaning product on the market so wouldn’t want to jeopardise that. We take as ethical a stance as we practically can in business.

      Only a proportion of customers will buy the product BECAUSE of its vegan credentials. But we do listen….we changed the copy on the bag, as requested by vegans, to indicate that it was vegan friendly. That has caused some mirth on social media.

  2. Well done dri-pak for being 100% animal friendly AND NOT AFRAID TO SAY SO! Products are not only animal and eco friendly but they really do work. I recommend your products to everyone but I think you should blow your own trumpet a lot more, especially when we know what is happening to animals in other countries.

  3. I am so pleased to learn that all your marvellous products are cruelty free ie vegan, and also eco friendly.

  4. I do wish you could advertise it for GREEN LIVING. I do know many persons do not even known about this product. It is just as useful as the distilled vinegar. I have used both product in my lifetime. Now I am far too old to tell everybody. Brilliant product and it is GREEN and VEGAN FRIENDLY. Best wishes to all those persons who listen to the good recommendation.

    1. Hi Elizabeth – as we update our packaging, we are making this known. We have not included any authority logos because the costs involved in doing so are prohibitive.

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