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Why gentle doesn’t mean weak.

Liquid Soap Flakes are really taking off in the UK now that word is spreading. It’s not just older generations that were brought up on soap flakes in their younger days – a whole new audience is enjoying the benefits of a laundry liquid that is gentle enough to wash waterproof clothing without removing the protective layer or affecting the breathability. There’s no need to waste money on expensive ‘tech washes’.

Some people may however fear that because they are gentle, they won’t be effective at removing dirt, like a detergent based laundry powder or liquid.

As the photos below demonstrate, this simply isn’t the case. They show a child’s waterproof coat from Regatta. It had never been washed from new and had subsequently got engrained dirt, particularly on the sleeves. The first picture shows the effect after washing in a washing machine with no laundry products ie just neat water.

On the cuff areas, we poured on some neat Liquid Soap Flakes and gently rubbed the fabric together. We then washed as per the instructions, using just Liquid Soap Flakes. The results speak for themselves.

A dirty waterproof jacket requiring cleaning
Dirty sleeve of a waterproof jacket
A waterproof jacket after cleaning with Liquid Soap Flakes
After washing with Liquid Soap Flakes

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