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Why does my Liquid Soap Flakes look different?

We are often contacted by people asking why their Liquid Soap Flakes looks a different colour to their previous bottle, or is of a different consistency. Some even return them to the store they bought them from, fearing they are 'faulty' or watered down. The explanation is relatively simple and the reason why many people love our 'Clean & Natural' range - they are produced from plant based natural oils (coconut and sunflower), with inevitable variances between batches.

Different bottles of Liquid Soap Flakes
Woman with eczema

The result is that the colour of Liquid Soap Flakes can vary from yellow to almost clear, depending on the batch. It can also vary from being a gel-like consistency, to something that pours more readily.
THIS DOES NOT AFFECT THE PERFORMANCE IN ANY WAY. They are ideal for cleaning and laundry.

Liquid Soap Flakes do not contain any colourings, preservatives or fragrance. That's why they are ideal for people with sensitive skin as well as washing your delicates like wool and silk. They are also recommended for lingerie, underwear and bras, as elastic can be damaged by detergent

Did you know that you can even use them as a handwash or shower gel? They won't dry out or irritate your skin like most products.

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