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Traditional cleaning products are sssssssplendid

We hear of lots of different uses for our cleaning products, but we were recently contacted by Susan Coleman aka Snakey Sue.

As her name suggests, she's an expert on snakes and hosts children's parties, educational speeches and even snake dancing! She also offers a public service by re-housing peoples' unwanted snakes. It's therefore essential that the cleaning products she uses are safe for the reptiles. She extensively uses Soda Crystals, White Vinegar and Citric Acid for cleaning feeding bowls and vivariums. 

Just have a look at the before and after photographs Sue has sent us.

If they're good enough for Hissing Sid and his friends, they will certainly be good enough for your own household items.

Do you have an unusual use for our products that we'd like to hear about?


Vivarium Before

Dirty vivarium

Bowl before

Bowl before


Snake and bowl

Vivarium After

Vivarium After

Bowl After

Bowl After


Freckles the snake

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