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Top 5 Student Cleaning Tips!

Let’s be honest, student accommodation doesn’t have a great reputation for being kept clean and tidy, but by using some old-fashioned cleaning tips your Grandma would be proud of, and some cheap and cheerful products, you can have your new student digs looking like a palace in no time! Here’s how to tackle the most common student cleaning tasks quickly and cheaply!

1. Blocked, smelly sinks are awful to deal with, but before you call the maintenance team, try pouring a large mug of Soda Crystals into the plughole, and then sluice it down with a kettle full of hot water. It’s also a good idea to invest in a sink strainer so you can catch food and other nasties before they block the sink!

2. Although parents might be happy for you to bring back your dirty laundry back for them every term, washing out stains can be done quickly and easily by spraying with Liquid Soda Crystals. Just spray the stain and throw in the washing machine – easy peasy!

3. It’s no secret that that communal fridges are rarely cleared out and can really start to hum if old food is kept past its use by date. Once it’s been thrown away, spray any sticky spills with naturally deodorising White Vinegar and wipe away. You can also leave an open box of Bicarbonate of Soda on a shelf to absorb smells once it’s clean!

4. Does that greasy, blackened oven make you want to order take-away for the sixth time this week? Tackle it head on – invest in a pair of rubber gloves, a heavy-duty scourer and a bag of Soda Crystals. Soak the racks and tray in a strong, hot Soda Crystals solution (1 cup to 500ml water), then spray the interior of the oven with the same solution, or try Liquid Soda Crystals in a handy trigger spray bottle. Wait for half an hour for the Soda Crystals to start to dissolve the grease and gunk and scour away the burnt on mess!

5. Finally, cleaning rotas do seem dull but they really work! Organising it so that each person takes responsibility for a single area (e.g. the bathroom), then switching areas each week means that everyone pulls their weight without one person being left to clean everything!

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