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Laundry Cleaning Tips

Dri-Pak is renowned for its range of traditional laundry products. Soda Crystals (aka Washing Soda) have been used for over 100 years as a water softener, stain remover and in-wash additive. The core product has been enhanced by the creation of a ‘Laundry Boost’ version with the addition of oxygen bleach and surfactants.

Although Borax is no longer available in the EU, Dri-Pak is pleased to offer a Borax Substitute which offers all the same benefits for gentle washing of delicate garments.

The traditional soap flakes have now been brought into the 21st Century with the introduction of pure Liquid Soap Flakes, offering all the advantages whilst being even easier to use.

Soda Crystals and Borax Substitute can be used to soften water, loosen dirt and dissolve grease. Adding Soda Crystals or Borax to your general detergent will soften the water. This in turn means that you will need to use less of your usual washing powder. Borax has the added benefit of providing a mild whitening effect.
Liquid Soap Flakes are ideal for woollens, delicates and special breathable waterproof fabrics. With no detergents or perfumes, they are also ideal for adults, children and particularly babies in which sensitive skin is a concern; they are also preferred by people with conditions such as eczema and psoriasis.

Click on the links below for tips and instructions on how to tackle common laundry tasks.

Clean your iron
Clean your washing machine
Delicate fabrics, silks and woollens
Denim Jeans
Deodorant Stains
Fabric Softener
General machine wash
Greasy work clothes and stains
Microfibre cloths
Musty Fabrics

New woollens and blankets
Outdoor wear and microfibres
Re-fluff your towels
Red wine stains
Sunless tan
Water softening
Workout Clothes

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