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Soda Crystals

There are literally hundreds of uses for our cleaning and laundry products and we can only feature a selection on our website. Here are some of the most helpful and common tips as videos. Why not bookmark this page and keep checking back as we’ll be adding new ones from time to time?

We also welcome suggestions if the tip lends itself to video. Drop us a line here. Or why not even film your own tip video and upload it to You Tube? If it features a Dri-Pak product and we feature it on this page, we'll even send you some Dri-Pak goodies!

Eliminating Odours

Cleaning your Oven

Washing Waterproof Clothing

Re-Fluff your Towels

Clean Silverware & Jewellery

Remove Limescale from Taps

Clean your BBQ

Homemade Laundry Power

Car Upholstery Cleaning

Removing Sticky Labels

Bicarbonate of Soda Uses

Clean & Descale a Dishwasher

Natural Wood Furniture Polish

Descale a Kettle

Remove Deodorant Stains

White Vinegar Uses

Clean a Shaving Brush

Cleaning Makeup Brushes