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The Great Garden Tidy Up

If your garden is need of a facelift, Soda Crystals are highly effective when it comes to tackling the build up of dirt to help restore garden ornaments and furniture, while some Bicarbonate of Soda goes a long way.

One of the materials that Soda Crystals can clean with ease is stone.  Stone plant pots and ornaments can be revitalised with a combination of Soda Crystals and hot water (half a cup of Soda Crystals to every litre of water) to help remove caked on grime such as mud.  Liquid Soda Crystals can also be sprayed and left on the stone surface to help remove extra-stubborn dirt. After leaving the solution to treat for an hour or so, brush vigorously with a stiff brush and rinse off. The same method can be used on terracotta and plastic plant pots to help banish unsightly marks and dirt.

Soda Crystals are great for paths & patios as well as cleaning wooden decking too, which often collects algae and moss. Over time the algae and moss can build up and ruin an otherwise spotless garden. Using a mixture of hot water and Soda Crystals, evenly spread the solution over the decking and leave it for an hour. Then rinse off to reveal great results.

Liquid Soda Crystals are ideal for reviving plastic garden furniture.

Dustbins can easily get very dirty and start to smell so it is important that they are cleaned regularly. Pour a solution of Soda Crystals and hot water into the bin and leave it to treat for an hour, then drain it and allowed to dry well. You can help remove foul odours with a generous sprinkling of Bicarbonate of Soda.

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    1. Yes…indeed if you have artificially coloured paving slabs for example, they are alkali so they won’t fade the colour, unlike acid based cleaners.

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