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The ‘good old days’…?

Advertising from yester year

As you'd expect, we're quite nostalgic about the past. There's plenty of wisdom to be gained from decades of experience. Some products stand the test of time and are as good today as they've always been. Sometimes, new technological developments can allow you to update and improve upon a product. Liquid Soap Flakes is one such product. It's more versatile and easier to use than its forefather, but retains all the benefits of the original dry flakes.

It's also fair to say that some Adverts were a real art-form decades ago. But it's also true that there were plenty of 'snake oil' merchants and claims made that would never get past the ASA these days. But it's not just manufacturer's product claims that are put under the spotlight, 'taste and decency' are also a major consideration.

That's why were slightly shocked to find this old advert for Lux Soap Flakes via Twitter. Apparently Lux soap flakes could help prevent female employees getting the sack or committing suicide because their lingerie smells of sweat!

Do let us know if you know when this advert originates from....and also whether you think it's good or bad that such ads would cause a lot of raised eyebrows these days.

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