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Eczema and other skin sensitivities

Baby with detergent induced eczema
Cleaning & Laundry options for skin sensitivities Eczema is a common problem, particularly amongst children and rates appear to be on the rise. In the UK, 1 in 5 children and 1 in 12 adults have eczema. It can be very debilitating. The National Eczema Society are a charity working hard to make life easier for sufferers and spreading awareness of the issue. As part of their activity, they hav...
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Got a tough task? Get some Extra Strength White Vinegar (while you can)

Although you may think that 'Spring Cleaning' is a tradition from the past, nothing could be further from the truth. Spring is still the time of year when cleaning product sales reach their peak. So even if people don't dedicate  a whole weekend to the pastime, we probably all pay a little more attention to our homes as we come out of social hibernation, have friends round for BBQs or notice the d...
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NEW handy product reference guide

Ever wondered what's the best product to use for a particular cleaning or laundry task? Our new handy product reference guide is available to download as a pdf from the 'Downloads' section of our site. Although some tasks can be covered by more than one traditional product, sometimes one has the edge over another, so do visit the whole site. If in doubt, don't be afraid to ask. http://www.d...
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How to clean your washing machine

Almost one in five Brits never clean their washing machine, putting them at risk of bacteria such as E. coli and Staphylococcus aureus, a recent survey by Glotech repairs has found. The problem is compounded by liquid detergents and low temperature washes. Of course, low temperature washes are better for the environment as they use less energy. But more people are realising that it pays to care...
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Could fragranced products in the home be damaging your health?

Everyone knows that keeping windows and doors open in the home is usually the best way to keep it smelling fresh and keeping the air healthy (unless you live at the side of a busy road). The thing is, it's not always practical: it may be very cold in winter and in summer, it can be very hot, members of the family may suffer from hayfever and it's very inviting for insects. Many people turn to a...
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Win a book that will change your life…

Spit and Polish by Lucy Lethbridge
THIS COMPETITION HAS NOW ENDED AND THE 15 WINNERS ANNOUNCED SHORTLY. We will also post all the winners' details on this page. ....or at least the way you clean. To celebrate the launch of Lucy Lethbridge's new book 'Spit & Polish' on 11 February, we are giving Dri-Pak fans the chance to win one of fifteen copies, worth £12.99. Combining fascinating 'below stairs' social history wi...
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New year…new you?

Close-up of athletic young woman after training outdoors in the morning.
New years resolution to get fit...but not whiffy! After the over-indulgences of the Christmas celebrations it’s no wonder that one of the most popular New Year resolutions is to get fit! There is a lot of focus from health professionals on getting people active, including Sport England's latest campaign. Whether you’re taking up a team sport, sweating it out at the gym or jogging round the p...
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How to clean make-up brushes

Investing in a good set of make-up brushes can make a real difference when it comes to looking fabulous! Unfortunately, make-up brushes accumulate dirt, dead skin cells and dust, enabling the growth of bacteria which can clog pores and aggravate underlying skin conditions. Residue from gels, powders and creams left on the bristles can also affect absorbency and how effective the brushes ...
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Want to sell your home? Get cleaning!

New survey lists the top factors that could prevent your home from selling. A recent survey has found that after poor energy efficiency rating and out of date bathrooms/kitchens, the biggest factor that would put people off is a home that needs cleaning! The thing is, it's not just a question of giving the house a quick 'blitz' before someone comes round. Not only will your home smell of polis...
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How safe are your cleaning products?

Natural cleaning products
Cancer is a very emotive subject, but everyone will agree that it blights too many families' lives. Although some causes are universally accepted, such as smoking, there are other lifestyle habits that are more contentious. As with many illnesses, there seems to be conflicting reports and research about whether one product or other could be carcinogenic. When it comes to cleaning products, if ...
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