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Why gentle doesn’t mean weak.

A waterproof jacket after cleaning with Liquid Soap Flakes
Liquid Soap Flakes are really taking off in the UK now that word is spreading. It's not just older generations that were brought up on soap flakes in their younger days - a whole new audience is enjoying the benefits of a laundry liquid that is gentle enough to wash waterproof clothing without removing the protective layer or affecting the breathability. There's no need to waste money on expensive...
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Ensure Your Cycling Kit Delivers Peak Performance

Photo of cyclists
Summer is a great time to get out and enjoy some cycling. When you do however, seasoned cyclists will tell you that you should be prepared for some crazy weather - one minute it’s raining, the next minute the sun’s out! So it’s best to be prepared by taking some tried and tested gear with you. We recommend gloves, arm warmers and light rain jackets – all perfect for rigging up or taking off easily...
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