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How do you clean your loo?

Have you read the small print? There is a bewildering array of toilet cleaners on the market and many are simply 'pop in the bowl' (or cistern) and forget. But have you actually read the back of the packet? You'll find that most of them contain a line 'Harmful to aquatic life with long lasting effects'. When you flush the loo and admire the brightly coloured liquid flowing off to the sewer, do y...
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Make A Splash With Dri-Pak When You Deep Clean Your Bathroom

A recent report in The Daily Mail highlighted some of the most germ-laden spots in the home. Unsurprisingly, the bathroom emerged as a hotbed of bacteria and according to Sarah Humphreys, executive editor at Real Simple magazine, who was interviewed for the article, she said, “When it comes to the bathroom the scariest invisible spot is the wall by the toilet.”   Picture this – “If you watch a ...
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