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5 Vintage Spring Cleaning tips

We know, that you know, that traditional cleaning methods & products are just as good (if not better) than modern ones! So to help kick off your Spring Clean, we’ve put together 5 of our top Vintage Spring Cleaning tips tackling the jobs that often get forgotten in the regular cleaning routine.       Windows    Spray White Vinegar onto windows and mirrors, & buff with a microfibre clot...
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Protecting your Vintage Clothes

  Fashion from yesteryear was made to last, but as garments get older the fibres begin to weaken and many modern-day washing techniques and products can cause damage. By following these gentle maintenance techniques using traditional products, you can preserve your favourite vintage items and enjoy wearing them for years to come! Removing odours Vintage items can have a musty smell due...
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Keep vintage clothing as good as new!

We love our vintage clothes! Eco-friendly and long lasting, frankly we think classic vintage clothes never go out of fashion! From the graphic lines and mini-skirts of the swinging 60s, to the silk stockings and ever-changing skirt hemlines of the 40s, even the most modern, cutting edge designers draw inspiration from the fashion of past eras. Check out the fantastic vintage clothes section o...
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