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How do you clean your loo?

Have you read the small print? There is a bewildering array of toilet cleaners on the market and many are simply 'pop in the bowl' (or cistern) and forget. But have you actually read the back of the packet? You'll find that most of them contain a line 'Harmful to aquatic life with long lasting effects'. When you flush the loo and admire the brightly coloured liquid flowing off to the sewer, do yo...
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“Descaling my kettle killed it!” – Or did it?

Cleaning a kettle with citric acid
Why you need to descale your home kitchen appliances regularly Have you ever heard someone, or even said it yourself, "I descaled my kettle and it burnt out!". Although this MAY have happened, it's not really the fault of the descaler. Here are the facts: If you have water hardness, then every time you use an appliance like a kettle or iron, then limescale will be deposited as the element heats ...
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Banish that Bad Taste in your Kettle

Cleaning a kettle with citric acid
Recently, there's been lots of talk in the media about a bad taste in your cuppa from certain kettles. Here's our advice to find out if it's the water or the kettle and if anything can be done about it.     1. Try boiling the water in a pan to see how it tastes. If you can determine that the taste has come from the kettle - and it's a new kettle - then boil it four or five times ...
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Get Ready For Your Next Grunge Match!

  We move mountains of laundry each week and expect that our clothes are clean and fresh. However, a recent study by public health experts featured in the Daily Mail, found that laundry washed at 40 degrees Celsius has only 14 per cent fewer germs. Read the article here and see what others are saying. The study also found that one in four items of clothing washed at 40 degrees contain ...
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Win the War against Limescale!

  There’s nothing like putting your feet up at the end of a long day with a lovely cup of… limescale?! If you live in a hard water area you’ll know what a pain limescale can be. Not only does it ruin your tea, it leaves water marks everywhere, stops your shampoo from lathering properly, reduces the efficiency of appliances and can even contribute to them breaking down. Luckily we’r...
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Cut out the hassle when it comes to ironing!

  If you find your iron sometimes leaves marks on your freshly washed clothes you’ll know what a pain it can be! The marks are most likely mineral deposits and limescale being left in the reservoir of the iron. If limescale is a particular issue in your area then you’ll no doubt have encountered problems it can cause in other appliances around the home! There’s nothing worse than...
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