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Could cleaning be bad for your health?

A bowl of cleaning products
UPDATED 20 February 2018 Although lots of people might jump at any excuse to get out of the cleaning, the health benefits of a clean home are immeasurable - and that's before you take into account the exercise factor. Indeed, if you don't tackle mould in the home, it can have very serious health consequences. This is the advice from the NHS on mould and damp. Research from the University of Ber...
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Could fragranced products in the home be damaging your health?

Everyone knows that keeping windows and doors open in the home is usually the best way to keep it smelling fresh and keeping the air healthy (unless you live at the side of a busy road). The thing is, it's not always practical: it may be very cold in winter and in summer, it can be very hot, members of the family may suffer from hayfever and it's very inviting for insects. Many people turn to a...
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