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FREE gunk pot to help keep drains clear

free far trap
One of the most popular uses of Soda Crystals is to help keep the drains from kitchen sinks clear. Although it also applies to other drains like the shower, the kitchen drain is subject to the most oil and fat entering it. One thing you can do to help prevent problems is to reduce the amount of oil and grease that goes down the drain in the first place. Many water companies will provide you...
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7 (often forgotten) dirtiest areas of the home!

What’s the dirtiest area of your home? The floor? The toilet?  In actual fact the dirtiest places of the home tend to be the commonly used places that are often overlooked during the day-to-day cleaning routine. These areas that get used on a daily basis could actually be the dirtiest and harbour the most bacteria! Here are a few reminders of places in the home you may have missed in your gene...
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Spring Clean for Outdoors!

With spring just around the corner, now is the perfect time to get a head start on preparing your outdoor areas ready for the beautiful British summer! Mossy driveways and decking, blocked outside drains and grubby patio furniture can seem like daunting tasks to tackle, luckily there’s an easy, cost effective solution to these jobs that doesn’t involve back-breaking work or harsh chemicals! Old ...
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