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The Dishwasher – Your best friend?

Adding rinse aid to the dishwasher
Tips for sparkling results from your dishwasher Many homes now feature a dishwasher (cue jokes about who does the pots in your household!). Perhaps we should clarify that by saying 'automatic dishwasher'? They are relatively easy to use, but unless you follow some simple advice, they can let you down. From milky glasses to a machine that won't drain, problems can be prevented with some regular ma...
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It’s Tea Time!

As all good Brits know, almost everything can be solved with a good cup of tea. From the first brew made in China over 5,000 years ago, people all over the world have relaxed, laughed, cried and put the world to rights over a brew. It’s really no surprise that tea is Britain’s most popular beverage. But what if your kettle is encrusted with limescale that ends up floating to the top of yo...
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Time to put your feet up!

It’s official! Dishwashers have been proven to be better for the environment than putting on your rubber gloves and washing the dishes by hand! Research from the University of Bonn in Germany shows that not only do they use less water and detergent, dishwashers use half the amount of energy and are more hygienic. What a great excuse to put your feet up and relax whilst your dishwasher does the h...
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