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Banish Cooking Odours!

Salmon on a chopping board
Cooking meals from scratch is more popular than ever thanks to cookery television shows and growing trends for healthy eating and economical living. But cooking foods with strong aromas like curry and fish can leave smells that linger long after the meal has been enjoyed. Don’t be put off trying new recipes – we’ve got some natural and effective ways to neutralise kitchen odours and get rid of ...
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The Many Uses of White Vinegar

Iron and white vinegar
Dri-Pak’s White Vinegar is one of the most versatile and economical products you can have on hand. Come and discover some key ways to put that bottle to good use! There are different types of vinegar, but generally, White Vinegar is recommended for laundry and cleaning because it reduces the risk of staining fabrics and surfaces, plus it’s relatively cheap. So how does it work? This mildly ac...
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The Dishwasher – Your best friend?

Adding rinse aid to the dishwasher
Tips for sparkling results from your dishwasher Many homes now feature a dishwasher (cue jokes about who does the pots in your household!). Perhaps we should clarify that by saying 'automatic dishwasher'? They are relatively easy to use, but unless you follow some simple advice, they can let you down. From milky glasses to a machine that won't drain, problems can be prevented with some regular ma...
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Christmas Preparations – The Fridge

Bicarbonate of Soda and White Vinegar
Preparing for the Christmas period may have you head spinning will all the things that need to be organised, but a bit of preparation before the mayhem begins can make the difference between a hectic or a relaxing Boxing Day! We’re here to help with advice to get your kitchen clean and organised all throughout December, so stay tuned for top tips and festive ideas from us. Today we’re tackling the...
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Vinegar – not just for your Fish & Chips!

  Egyptian Queen Cleopatra once wagered Marc Antony that she could consume the wealth of an entire nation in one sitting. How did she do it? She dropped a valuable pearl into a glass of vinegar, let it dissolve and then drank it… and she was still hungry! Vinegar was originally made thousands of years ago by letting alcohol like wine or beer turn sour in open containers (ever acciden...
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There’s no need to be a sweaty Betty!

The unpleasant smell of sweaty gym clothes can be frustratingly difficult to remove. Sometimes simply washing them isn’t enough to get them clean and smelling fresh because bacteria can still grow and produce nasty smells. Whereas using a fragrant detergent and fabric softener can only mask the smell, there is a simple, lasting solution to this problem that has been used for centuries – plain old ...
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