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The Great Garden Tidy Up

If your garden is need of a facelift, Soda Crystals are highly effective when it comes to tackling the build up of dirt to help restore garden ornaments and furniture, while some Bicarbonate of Soda goes a long way. One of the materials that Soda Crystals can clean with ease is stone.  Stone plant pots and ornaments can be revitalised with a combination of Soda Crystals and hot water (half a cup...
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How to Clean Your Upholstery

Cleaning upholstery with white vinegar
Let's face it, we've all sat in the lounge with a snack or TV dinner and had a spillage. Whether it be your team scoring a last minute equaliser or another plot twist in your favourite soap, accidents do happen. As with many spills and stains, it helps if you can tackle the problem quickly and to prevent spreading the spill. Try to carefully scrape any excess carefully with a kitchen knife. Dab...
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Cleaning Winter Sports Gear is Snow Joke!

Preparing for the holidays can be an expensive and time consuming task. For some, it means an exciting trip to the mountains for a spot of skiing or snowboarding. If you’re one of the lucky few going on a winter holiday, don’t forget to keep your ski and snowboard apparel in tiptop condition before you take off for the hills. Winter sports clothing is made to protect you from the cold, keeping ...
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Rug Cleaning using Soda Crystals

We were thrilled when Harla Harriman @Zeeteecee recently got in touch via the @DriPak Twitter account, to show us the results of using Soda Crystals to clean her old woollen rugs. Take a look at the difference between the before and after shots!   To clean the woollen rug, it was first wet with warm water before having Soda Crystals sprinkled onto it. After leaving them for a few ...
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Soda Crystals – The Facts!

Soda Crystals are one of the most versatile cleaning and laundry products on the market. They're safe and economical, and have been used for hundreds of years, but some people are still confused about what they are and how they can be used. That's why we've put together a few facts about our beloved Soda Crystals...  WHO? Soda Crystals also go by the name ‘Washing Soda’, or if you’d like t...
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Traditional and Economical: How products from yesteryear can help you save money!

Why being thrifty is no longer seen as being 'mean' There is a wealth of money saving hints and thrifty ideas around to help us weather these austere times, but this is not the first time the people of Britain have had to tighten their belts and be careful with their pennies! During the Second World War, British families had to carefully plan their outgoings and ‘make do...
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7 (often forgotten) dirtiest areas of the home!

What’s the dirtiest area of your home? The floor? The toilet?  In actual fact the dirtiest places of the home tend to be the commonly used places that are often overlooked during the day-to-day cleaning routine. These areas that get used on a daily basis could actually be the dirtiest and harbour the most bacteria! Here are a few reminders of places in the home you may have missed in your gene...
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Top 5 Student Cleaning Tips!

Let’s be honest, student accommodation doesn’t have a great reputation for being kept clean and tidy, but by using some old-fashioned cleaning tips your Grandma would be proud of, and some cheap and cheerful products, you can have your new student digs looking like a palace in no time! Here’s how to tackle the most common student cleaning tasks quickly and cheaply! 1. Blocked, smelly sinks are aw...
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Bicarbonate of Soda – what is it?

From glass-making to preserving the dead, Bicarbonate of Soda is much more than an ingredient in a baker’s cupboard. But what is Bicarbonate of Soda, what is it not, and why should we use it to clean with? Preserving the dead! Bicarbonate of Soda has been used for centuries for a number of applications. The Ancient Egyptians used Natron which contains Bicarbonate of Soda, in the mummificatio...
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5 time-saving tips to make cleaning easier

Let’s face it, although we all like to live in a clean, tidy environment, very few of us actually enjoy cleaning. In our busy lives it can be difficult to find time to dedicate to keeping a clean home, but there are some handy tips (or 'lifehacks' to use the latest buzzword) to help save time when it comes to housework. Here are 5 of our top time-saving tips, please feel free add your own on th...
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