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Dri-Pak doing its bit in the fight against cancer

Janine Bush raising funds for MacMillan
It's a sad fact of life that 1 in 2 people will get cancer in their lifetime. The shocking statistic may be because detection and awareness is higher and it may be the fact that people are living longer. Many also believe that environmental factors play a part - the pollution in the air, the food we eat and the carcinogens that we are exposed to every day. Here's some articles we wrote about cance...
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How safe are your cleaning products?

Natural cleaning products
Cancer is a very emotive subject, but everyone will agree that it blights too many families' lives. Although some causes are universally accepted, such as smoking, there are other lifestyle habits that are more contentious. As with many illnesses, there seems to be conflicting reports and research about whether one product or other could be carcinogenic. When it comes to cleaning products, if ...
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