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Get Ready For Your Next Grunge Match!

  We move mountains of laundry each week and expect that our clothes are clean and fresh. However, a recent study by public health experts featured in the Daily Mail, found that laundry washed at 40 degrees Celsius has only 14 per cent fewer germs. Read the article here and see what others are saying. The study also found that one in four items of clothing washed at 40 degrees contain ...
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How to Clean Shaving Brushes

A high-quality shaving brush can really make the difference when it comes to your morning shave. A good brush should make a smooth, creamy lather that easily transfers onto the face, and should be soft enough to gently massage, exfoliate and cleanse the skin. A quality Silver tip Badger hair brush is considered to be the best (and priciest!), but even cheaper, synthetic brushes need a regular ma...
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7 (often forgotten) dirtiest areas of the home!

What’s the dirtiest area of your home? The floor? The toilet?  In actual fact the dirtiest places of the home tend to be the commonly used places that are often overlooked during the day-to-day cleaning routine. These areas that get used on a daily basis could actually be the dirtiest and harbour the most bacteria! Here are a few reminders of places in the home you may have missed in your gene...
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