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Cleaning with lemons vs white vinegar

Lemons and white vinegar as surface cleaners
Lemons have a lovely fresh scent and have many uses, including cleaning. Lemons are part of the 'citrus' family of fruits and naturally contain an acid called 'citric acid'. Mild acids are popular for cleaning, including dissolving limescale and cleaning dirty/greasy surfaces. Any acid will have some disinfectant properties, as bacteria do not thrive in an acidic environment. Many people, p...
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Got a tough task? Get some Extra Strength White Vinegar (while you can)

Although you may think that 'Spring Cleaning' is a tradition from the past, nothing could be further from the truth. Spring is still the time of year when cleaning product sales reach their peak. So even if people don't dedicate  a whole weekend to the pastime, we probably all pay a little more attention to our homes as we come out of social hibernation, have friends round for BBQs or notice the d...
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Vinegar – not just for your Fish & Chips!

  Egyptian Queen Cleopatra once wagered Marc Antony that she could consume the wealth of an entire nation in one sitting. How did she do it? She dropped a valuable pearl into a glass of vinegar, let it dissolve and then drank it… and she was still hungry! Vinegar was originally made thousands of years ago by letting alcohol like wine or beer turn sour in open containers (ever acciden...
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