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Summer stains – they can be beaten!

Alfresco dining can be a precarious activity given the Great British weather, but one thing’s for sure, when the sun starts shining and the temperature rises, the first thing on everyone’s mind is ‘let’s have a BBQ!’. It’s a great excuse to enjoy good food and drink with friends and family whilst soaking up the rays. However the aftermath of a dirty Barbecue and stained clothes can make you think twice before you attempt it again. When the supermarket is packed with families with the same idea, make sure you pick up a few Dri-Pak cleaning essentials. Whilst there is a wide range of pricey, specialist products on the market to eliminate stains from clothing and clean barbecues, grills and utensils, many people have discovered that traditional, simple and versatile products do just as good job without dozens of different bottles in the cupboard under the sink. Barbecues At the end of a successful garden party, waiting for the Barbecue to cool, then washing those fiddly grills may be the last thing on your mind, but it doesn’t have to be a time-consuming job! Soaking the greasy grills and utensils in a strong Soda Crystal solution and leaving overnight will leave you with plenty of time to socialise at the end of the day. Apply the solution or Liquid Soda Crystals to the rest of the barbecue with a sponge and the next day simply clean using a wire brush and scourer. Food stains White is a great summer colour until it’s ruined by a nasty, dried on food stain that’s difficult to shift! Soda crystals are renowned for their ability to dissolve grease from ketchup, oil and other spills. Spray the stains with Liquid Soda Crystals or soak in a Soda Crystal solution before washing normally. For stubborn stains, Laundry Oxygen Bleach gives extra cleaning power along with whitening effects to make sure your clothes remain the stain-free. Wine stains Red wine is a great accompaniment to red meat and cheese, but not your summer clothes! When accidents happen, stains can be removed with White Vinegar! Simply wet the stain with water, apply the vinegar to the stain until it lightens, then wash as normal. Grass stains Kids love the warm weather and playing messy games outside, but tough grass and mud stains can be a real problem to get rid of. Soda Crystals are great for removing them by simply soaking in a strong solution or spraying Liquid Soda Crystals directly onto the stain, then washing normally.

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