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Sofa…so good!

dirty sofa

A deep clean even the 'professionals' couldn't manage

Here's an email we received recently from a happy customer:

"I've been using your products for some time now and just wanted to share my latest success with you.

A few years ago, we bought a very comfy second-hand,  three-piece suite.  It was a bit grubby but I thought we could have it cleaned and all would be fine.   We did have it professionally cleaned and whilst it was fresher, it really didn't come up all that clean.  We used throws over the furniture but it wasn't really comfortable as the throws kept moving about.


The power of Soda Crystals

A few months ago, I decided to have it cleaned again and asked a professional upholstery cleaner for a quote.  The very nice man very politely told me that 'the suite had gone too far, was too dirty and that he wouldn't be happy giving me a price as he couldn't guarantee good results'.  Imagine my embarrassment and horror! 

I decided to have a go myself. Firstly, I had a small sample piece, measured it and then soaked it in a strong solution of soda crystals overnight.  I then washed it in a 40 degree wash with liquid soap flakes.  After it had dried, I checked the measurement and was happy there was no shrinkage."

"Over the next two weeks, I removed two of the loose covers at a time (as we still had to use the suite with throws) soaked them in buckets of strong soda crystals overnight,  rinsed out the very dirty water,  then soaked them in the strong solution again. On the third day after more copious rinsing, the covers were machine washed with liquid soap flakes and a good measure of soda crystals. After drying naturally, my covers were brilliantly clean.

I washed the upholstery on the framework which couldn't be unzipped, with liquid soda crystals, a few squirts of Dr. Bronners soap, and a soft nailbrush.  

Delighted with the results. The photos don't actually do justice as to how clean my suite became. Here are some before and after pics!"

Regards, Barbara Cheadle

clean sofa

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