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Ready Steady Snow!



If you’re taking to the slopes for a skiing or snowboarding holiday this year, here are some tips on how to keep your gear fresh and gleaming.

Did You Know?  
Waterproof garments have a Durable Water Repellent (DWR) layer on the surface. Washing them with regular detergents can remove this layer which unfortunately, stops the garment from repelling water, leaving it feeling cold and heavy.
Use Liquid Soap Flakes on your outdoor gear as it offers great cleaning power that doesn’t compromise the repellency of the waterproof layer.


Salopettes and ski jackets that have been stored for some time can smell somewhat stale. Wash them in Liquid Soap Flakes to freshen them up.
Treat your base and mid layers to a gentle clean using Liquid Soap Flakes. Popular merino wool layers can be hand washed in pure soap, while most technical base and mid layers will benefit from a gentle wash with Liquid Soap Flakes. You can use the same product on woollen ski socks.

Perfect Partners

To top-up the DWR on your waterproof garments, we recommend using Tesco’s Expert Outdoor Clothing Waterproofer  – it’s the perfect partner to
Liquid Soap Flakes.


Independent tests of  this product for its water repellent ability and breathability, and the results prove that it’s just as good as the leading brand. Best of all, it comes at half the cost! It has a good environmental profile too – there’s no fluorine chemistry in this liquid.


 Sort Out Your Smelly Ski or Snow Boots!
Sprinkle some Bicarbonate of Soda directly into your boots and leave for up 24 hours to help deodorise them. Then simply empty the boots and wipe them
down with a damp cloth if necessary.


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