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Our top 5 crazy cleaning inventions

Just because we’re fans of traditional cleaning products, doesn’t mean that we can’t look to the future and technology to make the task of cleaning itself easier.

Here’s a round up of some inventions that are supposed to help with cleaning, but somehow miss the mark. Have you come across any inventions that might actually help? Failing that, let us know about other crazy cleaning inventions that might make us chuckle.

1. Tiny flying ‘bumble bee’ robot cleaners.

We had to double check this one wasn’t published on April 1st. We actually think the Roomba robotic vacuum cleaner is a great idea….but these things buzzing around the home might make us think about wearing a motorcycle helmet (and possibly a suit of armour).

Bumble Bee Cleaning Robots





2. The Baby Mop

Ok – maybe it’s not quite ethical, or possibly even healthy for your toddler to be crawling round on dirty floors, but there’s some logical thinking going on here.

Baby mop









3. Cleaning Shoes

Essentially carrying on the baby mop idea, but employing more high tech solutions, we can’t help thinking the corners wouldn’t get done much!

Cleaning shoes







4. The Cleaner-cum-shoe

Similar idea…just low tech. Just….why?????








5. Portable Air Purifier

We all  want to breath clean air….right? Beijing based O2ganic have invented this portable terrarium as a concept and there are some equally whacky DIY solutions for fighting pollution. Of course it will never take off, but the principle of controlling the air in your home is a sound one.

Outside the home, you should investigate the air quality in your area and if necessary, lobby politicians to take action.

Clean the air you breathe

One thought on “Our top 5 crazy cleaning inventions

  1. Because of air pollution the plant backpack looks like the best idea. As it’s also an indication of how we’ve so badly messed up the environment , it may look funny but it’s not a joke.

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