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Making a white vinegar substitute

Save money and reduce plastic usage

We are regularly asked if we can supply a 5 litre bottle of white vinegar and we explain why we can't on this page.

White vinegar is acetic acid (diluted in water). We offer it in 2 strengths, a normal one at 4% and an 'extra strength' version at 6%. Both are great for general cleaning and removing limescale, but the 6% version is ideal for more stubborn limescale and those living in a hard water area. The reality is though that a large proportion of what you are paying for is water, which has to be transported.


Citric acid

Citric acid is another organic acid that is ideal for household cleaning and removing limescale. But it obviously has to be dissolved in water for use. The rate of reaction with (alkali) limescale is increased when the solution is warm (this also applies to white vinegar).

It is therefore perfectly feasible to use citric acid in place of white vinegar by dissolving it in water and using in a trigger spray. This will both save you money and is better for the environment in that less plastic is required and the amount of 'road miles' required to ship the liquid around. Think of it in the same way as you would buying a super concentrated cordial or fabric conditioner. The downside of course is that a little effort is required to dissolve it and decant it into a bottle. Here's how simple it is:

Citric Acid is available from Wilko (own label), Robert Dyas, and independent hardware stores. They are also available in ROI from Mr Price.

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