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Maintaining Water Quality at Hollicarrs


How traditional products can help with water treatment systems

Hollicarrs is a luxury holiday home estate at Escrick, just south of York. The timber clad lodges are set amidst woodland so that holiday home owners can enjoy the natural surroundings and wildlife. With around 160 lodges, the treatment of waste is of paramount importance and because they have their own water treatment system on site, the cleaning products used by the park's home owners is the primary concern . Because the treated water is eventually discharged to the local water course, the Estates team must ensure that levels of ammonia and other chemicals are within permissible limits.

Although home owners were requested to use environmentally friendly cleaning products and even sold a well known 'eco' brand of cleaning products, the estates team suspected that not all owners were doing so, possibly because of the cost of the products or perceived effectiveness.

The Park Manager Dawn Buck contacted Dri-Pak for advice on the matter. The answer to the first question was very straight-forward: our traditional cleaning and laundry products are perfectly safe for use in a septic tank system when used in a domestic setting.

Dri-Pak's Marketing Manager Paul Brook visited the park and gave a presentation to owners with a lively Q&A session with attendees asking questions about how common cleaning tasks can be tackled. The audience was thrilled to find that the vast majority of cleaning and laundry tasks can be tackled by Dri-Pak products without introducing phosphates, enzymes, bleach or fragrance that might affect the delicate micro-organism eco system that is required for the on site water treatment system. They were further delighted to discover the cost of the products, how versatile they are and are often more effective than modern variants! 

Following the visit, Hollicarrs now stocks the Dri-Pak products for sale in the Reception shop. The team also provides a selection of all the products as a welcome gift to new owners, along with a brochure packed with cleaning tips using Dri-Pak's traditional products. As the owners embrace their new cleaning regime, the estates team can be sure that the water discharged to the nearby local stream will comply with regulatory levels.

Dawn concludes, 'We take environmental matters very seriously at Hollicarrs and we were delighted that following Paul's visit, a number of our owners have embraced the need to care for the environment and have joined a number of environmental/conservation projects."


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