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Liquid Soda Crystals


Dri-Pak now produces Liquid Soda Crystals in a chunky bottle with a handy pouring spout, removing the need to make up a Soda Crystals solution. Liquid Soda Crystals are just as effective as regular Soda Crystals, but also contain other plant-based detergents for even tougher tasks!

Like other products in the Clean & Natural range, they contain no added preservatives, colours or fragrances.

As well as cleaning applications, Liquid Soda Crystals work brilliantly on stains, especially greasy ones. They can even help on tough stains like curry/turmeric.

Simply pour on to the affected area, leave for 20 minutes, and then wash as normal.

Top Tip

Why not boost the stain removal power by adding Soda Crystals or Soda Crystals Laundry Boost to the wash?

Where to buy Liquid Soda Crystals

Liquid Soda Crystals are available from Wilko and independent hardware stores. The Wilko variety are provided in a trigger spray bottle.

In ROI, you can buy DP Liquid Soda Crystals from Mr Price. Find your nearest store.

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