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Liquid Soap Flakes

liquid-soap-flakes-laundryClean and gentle cleaning for the whole family

Liquid Soap Flakes contain only pure soap with no added perfumes or ingredients, making them a great choice for those with sensitive skin or prone to allergies.

Liquid Soap Flakes do not contain any animal products and have not been tested on animals, so they are suitable for vegans. In addition, Liquid Soap Flakes do not contain palm oil – the vegetable component of the soap is derived from sunflower and coconut oil.

Liquid Soap Flakes in the wash

The liquid is instantly soluble and does not form a gel in cold water. It can be used at cool wash temperatures, requiring less energy per wash. Liquid Soap Flakes are suitable for cleaning delicate fabrics including wool, lace, silk and leather.

Breathable Outdoor Fabrics

Liquid Soap Flakes are also ideal for washing breathable outdoor fabrics as the mild cleaning does not destroy the DWR (durable water repellency) waterproof coatings that other detergents can remove. To achieve the best results, tumble dry the garments after washing to reactivate the waterproof layer. You can also re-proof the garment with a purpose-designed spray, like the Tesco Outdoor Clothing Proofer.

To use Liquid Soap Flakes in an automatic washing machine, simply add between one and two capfuls (depending on the water hardness) to the detergent drawer and select the desired programme according to the garment washing instructions.

Liquid Soap Flakes can also be used for other cleaning tasks around the home.

Liquid Soap Flakes are available from independent stores, Wilko, Tesco and Waitrose.

Witrose sell dp Liquid Soap Flakes



Strength Guide:

  • If you live in a soft water area, add one capful to the wash.
  • For medium hard water areas, add one and a half capfuls to the wash.
  • For hard water areas, add two capfuls to the wash.

Here’s a handy map showing  how hard the water is in various areas of England and Wales.

Ensure the drum is at least half full to prevent excessive foam. For hand washing, add Liquid Soap Flakes to warm water and wash according to the garment’s instructions, then rinse thoroughly.

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