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Borax Substitute

An effective and environmentally friendly laundry additive

Dri-Pak now manufactures Borax Substitute in place of Borax. Borax Substitute has many of the same properties as the original Borax. It is ideal for use as a laundry additive. Borax Substitute's odourless crystals work particularly well when added to non-biological powders, as they soften water and have a brightening action that delivers cleaner clothes every time! It is so effective it can even be used on a lower temperature wash, making it extremely environmentally friendly!

Borax Substitute in the wash

The various uses of Borax Substitute include:

  • Stain remover. Packed with natural cleansing agents, Borax gently removes stains from clothes and fabrics. Dissolve one-third of a 500g packet in a bucket of warm water to use as a pre-wash soak.
  • For difficult stains, make a paste with Borax Substitute and some water and apply it directly to the stain before washing as normal.
  • Add two tablespoons of Borax Substitute to your detergent drawer and wash as normal.
  • Money Saver. The water softening action of Borax Substitute means less detergent is required per wash load.
Borax Substitute being turned into a paste

Where to buy Borax Substitute

Borax Substitute is available from independent hardware stores and Robert Dyas (who also offer free 'Click & Collect' delivery to Rymans stores).  You can also buy it online from Big Green Smile and Natural Collection.

In ROI, you can buy Borax Substitute from Mr Price. Find your nearest store. If you are having trouble finding it, contact us.

Check out our Buy page for more details.

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