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Keep vintage clothing as good as new!

We love our vintage clothes! Eco-friendly and long lasting, frankly we think classic vintage clothes never go out of fashion! From the graphic lines and mini-skirts of the swinging 60s, to the silk stockings and ever-changing skirt hemlines of the 40s, even the most modern, cutting edge designers draw inspiration from the fashion of past eras.

Check out the fantastic vintage clothes section on Oxfam’s website for some real retro gems – you’ll feel even better knowing that your cash is going to a great cause.

Original vintage clothes not only look great, they carry with them a charm and a sense of history. However, vintage clothing needs very gentle washing if it is to be preserved properly. Many modern detergents are unsuitable for the fragile natural materials because they are simply too harsh and will cause damage to the weakened fibres.

Want to know a well kept secret amongst people who restore and preserve vintage clothing? They use Soap Flakes! It makes sense – when many of today’s vintage clothes were the newest fashion hot off the rails (or even someone’s sewing machine!) they would have most likely been washed with Soap Flakes. Soap Flakes did a great job of cleaning the garment without destroying the delicate fibres – which is probably why the clothes look just as great today as they did when they were brand new!

Now Dri-pak have launched Liquid Soap Flakes – with all the great benefits of regular soap flakes but in a liquid! Not only are Liquid Soap Flakes fantastic for delicate washing, they can even be used easily at cooler temperatures, meaning vintage clothing will be effectively cleaned without further risk from heated water. They can also be used on modern items of clothing, whenever delicate cleaning is required.

Liquid Soap Flakes are available in a 750ml bottle retailing at £2.99 and are available from Tesco, Waitrose and through the Dri-Pak website: www.dri-pak.co.uk

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