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Is your white vinegar a PURE white vinegar?

Beware of added ingredients

Dri-Pak white vinegar is a pure white vinegar containing ONLY acetic acid and water. We offer it in two strengths, the standard 4% acetic acid and an Extra Strength version of 6%, which is ideal for tough limescale removal duties, making at as effective at dissolving limescale as Citric Acid. Our acetic acid is derived from the distillation of wheat.

There are however other 'white vinegar cleaners' on the market that, although containing white vinegar, have other ingredients. This is usually a fragrance, but in order to hold the fragrance in suspension in the liquid, rather than floating on the surface, a surfactant is used to 'carry' the perfume. That's not to say that they aren't effective at cleaning, but if you're looking for a cleaning or laundry white vinegar liquid that does not have potential allergic triggers like fragrance, then you should seek a pure white vinegar such as Dri-Pak white vinegar. This is particularly important if you are descaling appliances such as kettles, coffee machines and baby bottle sterilisers. 

How to spot other ingredients

There's a simple test to determine whether the white vinegar you see on the shelf is a pure white vinegar, apart from smelling it: simply give it a good shake. If it foams and the bubbles dwell, then it's likely to have surfactants and fragrance in it.

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