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How to clean microfibre cloths

Microfibre cloths and laundry products

Treat with care

Microfibre cloths are a relatively recent cleaning invention and are particularly handy. They are very effective yet gentle - that's why they're great at cleaning TV screens as well as car paint; that's why they're loved by car 'detailers' (professionals and hobbyists fanatical about cleaning the paint and protecting it whilst giving the ultimate shine). The thing is, they are also very delicate so getting rid of wax, polish or sealants from the fibres is a tough ask. The same can be true of microfibre cloths that are used around the home.

Fabric conditioner should never be used with microfibre cloths as it can clog the delicates fibres.

There is an easy way of cleaning them with our traditional cleaning products:

  1. Pre-soak with Soda Crystals in hand hot water.
  2. Wash at 40 degC with Liquid Soap as the detergent and white vinegar in the conditioner slot.
  3. Tumble dry on a low heat setting, preferably with drier balls (or 2 tennis balls).

The Soda Crystals help remove oily residue, the liquid soap gently cleans and the white vinegar helps ensure that any residue (including hard water deposits) are flushed away in the rinse.


13 thoughts on “How to clean microfibre cloths

  1. Just wanted to say a big thank you, for the information regarding cleaning Microfibre clothes i use these in my cleaning job, i used to just chuck in the washer and on radiator to dry, half the time they still looked dirty but tried your method and wow they came out so much better, will carry on using the product and methed

  2. Absolutely love all the Dri Pak goods and find them so user friendly.
    One big, big bugbear us WHY can we not buy large containers of white vinegar as they can in the states?
    Please, please, please provide us with larger quantities.

    1. Hi there – retail is slightly different in the US. It would be down to the retailers to want 2 lines and they just won’t do it at the moment; they’re cutting SKUs. 5 litre containers would be more the preserve of Cash & Carrys or janitorial supplies. By all means lobby the retailers, but you’d probably have an uphill battle. People simply don’t buy bulk for their weekly shop. But thanks for your kind words…we do our best in a busy and complicated marketplace.

  3. What are the quantities to use in a normal wash and can I make up a Bach before hand so that the rest of the family can also do the washing

    1. Hi Jacquie – it depends on so many factors: how hard your water is, how ‘soiled’ the cloths are etc. You can’t really use too much for the pre-wash soak but half a mug full should be about right with a standard sink bowl. Do you mean a batch of Soda Crystals? It’s best to make it up each time, mainly because using hot water will be more effective.

  4. I find them extremely useful as flannels to clean myself with as seem to be much cheaper than regular flannels.
    I use soda crystals, borax in the drawer & liquid soap in the drum to wash all my stuff with in the wash machine & white vinegar as fabric conditioner.

  5. Used this process recently with favourite towels that had become stiff as boards and the result was amazingly soft as new!

  6. What a brilliant suggestion I am going to do this from now on, i knew not to use conditioner so thank you for your advice.

  7. I clean mine with oxyclean and an eco egg, then dry them on the radiators
    BUT how eco friendly are they? I believe polyester does not break down easily.
    Sorry if I have put a spanner in the works!

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