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How do you clean your loo?

Have you read the small print?

There is a bewildering array of toilet cleaners on the market and many are simply 'pop in the bowl' (or cistern) and forget. But have you actually read the back of the packet? You'll find that most of them contain a line 'Harmful to aquatic life with long lasting effects'. When you flush the loo and admire the brightly coloured liquid flowing off to the sewer, do you really consider where some of those chemicals are ending up and the effect they may be having on watercourses, the environment and aquatic life? Many of them are corrosive to skin and eyes so should be handled with care and most definitely kept away from the reach of children.

Warnings on the back of some popular toilet cleaners
Cleaning a toilet with Soda Crystals

Cleaning the toilet the responsible way

Maybe the marketing bods have convinced us that our toilets need to be sanitary enough to wash the pots in, but is it really necessary? You can of course clean your toilets with bio-degradable traditional products and keep the toilet smelling fresh without an artificial smell. 

Remember NEVER use bleach in combination with any other cleaning product as it can give off dangerous gases.


We'd recommend a three step approach, that's both simple and low cost:

1. Pour some Soda Crystals into the bowl and scrub the bowl and rim with a good old fashioned stiff toilet brush

2. If there's limescale, don't just bleach it, eliminate it with Citric Acid. The effect is very quick and visible, especially so when used with hot water. The simple instructions are at the bottom of our page on Citric Acid.

3. Give the toilet seat a regular wipe after spritzing with white vinegar or a clean with Bicarb Cream.

7 thoughts on “How do you clean your loo?

  1. I love your products, and the cardboard packaging. The citric acid really works on the loo to remove limescale. It’s great that your company has en environmental ethos

  2. Further to your email regarding toilet products being harmful to aquatic life which I thank you for enlightening me about, I now read labels before using any product that is either flushed down the toilet or drains and have found that “Dylon” has this warning. I had already purchased the product and haven’t been able to bring myself to use it. I contacted Dylon regarding this and received some confusing messages that have left me none the wiser. They have now stopped replying to my emails in which I have laboured the point and I am assuming that they have no answers that would make a customer like me who cares about animals want to use the product.
    The reason for my message to you was to ask you if you are aware if there is any action being taken to hold such companies to account over their irresponsible and heartless actions that are effecting marine life as far away as Australia?
    Also, do you have a list of alternative products such as clothes dyes that are safe for the environment?

  3. i read on Money Saving Expert website that customers can place orders with you and save money on your products, please supply details.
    Thanking you in anticipation of your help and look forward to your

    1. Hi Maureen – Some years ago, we offered mail order. It was intended purely for customers that were unable to source products locally. We basically are not set up to do it though; we are a manufacturer first and foremost and have a fleet of HGVs delivering to wholesalers and retailers. For most, it’s impractical for the consumer as carriage costs form such a large proportion of the total cost. We have also gone to great lengths to secure retailer listings and create a map of retailers. There may be many other independent retailers that stock our products that we don’t know of. If you know of any others, please let us know. Likewise, if you’re struggling to find a local retailer.

      What we do offer is the ability to buy and collect from our factory in Ilkeston. Again, contact us if you would like further details.

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