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How do you clean your loo?

Have you read the small print?

There is a bewildering array of toilet cleaners on the market and many are simply 'pop in the bowl' (or cistern) and forget. But have you actually read the back of the packet? You'll find that most of them contain a line 'Harmful to aquatic life with long lasting effects'. When you flush the loo and admire the brightly coloured liquid flowing off to the sewer, do you really consider where some of those chemicals are ending up and the effect they may be having on watercourses, the environment and aquatic life? Many of them are corrosive to skin and eyes so should be handled with care and most definitely kept away from the reach of children.

Warnings on the back of some popular toilet cleaners
Cleaning a toilet with Soda Crystals

Cleaning the toilet the responsible way

Maybe the marketing bods have convinced us that our toilets need to be sanitary enough to wash the pots in, but is it really necessary? You can of course clean your toilets with bio-degradable traditional products and keep the toilet smelling fresh without an artificial smell. 

Remember NEVER use bleach in combination with any other cleaning product as it can give off dangerous gases.

We'd recommend a two step approach, that's both simple and low cost:

1. Pour some Soda Crystals into the bowl and scrub the bowl and rim with a good old fashioned stiff toilet brush

2. If there's limescale, don't just bleach it, eliminate it with Citric Acid. The effect is very quick and visible, especially so when used with hot water. The simple instructions are at the bottom of our page on Citric Acid.

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