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Home made toilet ‘fizzies’

Toilet fizzies made from traditional cleaning products

Have you ever looked on the label on the packaging of most toilet cleaners – whether it be liquid cleaners or products that sit on the side of the rim and dose some product with each flush? You’ll see that the vast majority say ‘extremely harmful to aquatic life’. Traditional cleaning products are a practical and more environmentally friendly solution. You can use Soda Crystals and a toilet brush for general cleaning, or citric acid to remove limescale build up.

Tina Bax of Ashby Toolbox has sent in a recipe for making some ‘toilet fizzies’. They’re both fun to make (why not involve the children?) and fun to watch in use. Tina says they’re great for keeping the toilet fresh in between cleans.

Here’s Tina’s recipe:

1. Mix equal amounts of citric acid and bicarbonate of soda in a polythene bag.  (I found a ramekin dish a perfect measure). You can also add some borax substitute which helps soften the water.

2. Add 2/3 squirts of water from a spray bottle and mix in thoroughly. Repeat.

3. Now add 4/5 drops of your favourite essential oil – lemon myrtle is a popular choice as it has a lovely fresh lemony smell.

4. To test your mixture, spoon into your chosen mold (I use an old ice cube tray) and press down firmly with the back of a teaspoon. Turn out immediately. If it holds its shape, great, carry on and fill the tray. If it crumbles, then return to the bag and add a couple more squirts of water. It is important not to make the mixture too moist as the fizzing reaction will occur in the polythene bag and not in the toilet where you need it!

5. Turn out onto greaseproof paper and leave to firm up overnight.  Transfer to a Kilner jar or similar, use as necessary.

NB You can get all the ingredients from independent stores like Ashby Toolbox.

3 thoughts on “Home made toilet ‘fizzies’

  1. I think the crystals are fabulous. So easy to use and the fact that you have extra uses and info on measurements too is brilliant. As a vegan it is especially good that they are cruelty free and no animal products used in them. Although cruelty free should be a matter for everyone, not just vegans. The crystals are an old method so if you struggle with them just try the site. They will tell you and they are cheap too. And a British company. What more could you ask?

  2. I am unable to determine whether Soda crystals are safe to use, for general cleaning, laundry, drain cleaning etc, with my septic tank.
    I also am unable to find a “contact me” email address other than this reply box, may I suggest the you add one to your contact details.
    Please can you email me directly, thank you.

    1. Hi Andrew. Soda Crystals are safe for septic tanks. There’s a search box top right on the website. If you type in the word ‘septic’, it brings up this article which confirms that they are safe for use in septic tanks. Our contact details are provided clearly on every page on the website, with the exception of an email address. The reason for this is that to publish one would result in a HUGE amount of inbound spam emails. This practice is commonplace on most websites.

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