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For Horse Lovers!


Owning a horse can be a fantastic, if expensive, hobby! From the horse itself to stabling, vets bills
and tack, everything costs money but are essential to the well being of you and
your four-legged friend. But there
are a few ways you can cut down on costs, without having to comprise on
performance or peace of mind.
There are plenty of purpose-designed cleaning
products promising the earth and as well as commanding a high price to do so, but did you know that traditional cleaning products, such as Soda Crystals, Soap Flakes
and White Vinegar, which are versatile, sustainable and usually cheaper than
the specifically-designed alternatives?!
For example, to remove any ground in
grease or stubborn saddle stains, just dissolve Soda Crystals in hot water
and wash your tack with a clean cloth. Soda Crystals will remove stains just as effectively as a specially-made saddle cleaner.
White Vinegar has a multitude of functions,
including being used as a cooling spray after exercise due to its ability to
absorb moisture quickly, and being mixed with other liquids to create a
homemade fly spray. Soap Flakes, which
contain no added perfume, enzymes, bleach, phosphates or additives, have traditionally
been used to wash delicate clothes.
However, they can also be used to wash your horse’s mane, tail and coat,
as well as being made into homemade saddle soap by being combined with neat’s
foot oil and melted beeswax.
Louise Barrington-Earp has worked in
the equine industry for over 20 years, and is now the Equestrian Technical
Sales Advisor at Mansfield Sand.  Louise
began using traditional cleaning products when she worked as a groom, and now
uses them on her own tack and riding equipment.
“Many people assume you need to buy
products that have been specifically designed for a particular job. However, if you look around you realise that
there are a lot of multi-purpose products on the market that will do exactly
the same job but at half the price!” explains Louise.
“I’ve used Soda Crystals for many
years to remove grease and scurff from leather work.  As well as being an effective cleaner, it’s
also extremely gentle so the leather remains supple and doesn’t become
brittle,” continues Louise.  “Obviously,
the welfare of the horse should be first and foremost, but if you use a little
bit of common sense, traditional cleaning products can save you a lot of money
in the long run.”


if you’re looking to save money, without compromising on performance, why
not try our traditional products to look after your horse and equipment!
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