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Cleaning wipes could cause infertility! Get back to cloths.

Another study highlighting concerns about the chemicals used around the home

The University of California has released it's findings on a study into the chemicals used in household cleaners and some personal care products. It found that some of them have the potential to disrupt the oestrogen-signalling process, reports the Daily Mail.

Although the chemicals are included in a popular cold remedy and toothpaste, they are also included in some disinfectants and surface wipes.

Dri-Pak's view

Barely a week goes by without another scare story in the media about the food that we eat, the cosmetics that we put on our body or the cleaning products we use around the home. In the world of science, numerous large scale studies can be required to make a solid conclusion. Even if a chemical is proven to have a negative effect, it may be that in the concentrations they are used, there is a negligible risk when used as directed. So it's often wise not to make knee jerk reaction decisions or panic. The regulatory authorities in the UK do a rigorous job on the whole and work hard to protect the public.

However, it is also true that each household should make their own decisions on the products they use, not just with regards to the potential safety aspects, but other factors such as the environment. Surface cleaning wipes have become very popular and although the perception is that they are very convenient, we would argue that they are no more convenient than a spritz & wipe with white vinegar which has been used safely for hundreds of years. If the surface is greasy, why not try a drop of Liquid Soda Crystals and then wipe the area with a trusty cloth! Of course, it's important that the cloth itself is cleaned regularly, but it's better than another product being send to landfill, or even worse, being put down the toilet which can lead to blocked drains and problems for the water companies.

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