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Cleaning leather sofas with Liquid Soap

How to clean leather sofas

Leather is a fantastic natural product that gives years of service; it's very practical for sofas and chairs because many spills and stains can be wiped off. Some stains need a bit more of a wipe than simply a damp cloth and from time to time, it's good advice to give the whole sofa a clean to remove the dirt and grease that can accumulate from clothes, skin and hair that can subtley dull the look of the leather. Many modern detergents are too harsh and can strip both the colour and natural oils.

Liquid Soap is ideal for gentle but effective cleaning and that also applies to leather items such as sofas, chairs, belts, handbags and shoes.


  1. Add a capful of Liquid Soap to a bowl under running warm water
  2. Wipe the sofa with a clean cloth or sponge
  3. For stubborn areas eg where head/hair has been in contact, apply some Liquid Soap neat to the cloth and work in with slight pressure and leave for at least 5 mins
  4. Even if you are intending to treat just one area, it's good practice to give the whole sofa a wipe
  5. Discard the water and rinse out the bowl, before refilling with clean warm water
  6. Give a final wipe down with the clean rinse water, paying particular attention to any dirty spots that had neat soap applied.

There is no need to apply a special leather cream, unless it needed adding in the first place.

The above instructions are also suitable for leather effect sofas.

Liquid Soap

2 thoughts on “Cleaning leather sofas with Liquid Soap

  1. Thanks I’ll try it on my Parker Knoll leather recliner
    I am a big fan and user of soda crystals / white vinegar / liquid soap/ Citric Acid /Barac substitute . cleaner

  2. Thanks for the post on caring for leather furniture. We also know that Leather furniture is very precious and hard to maintain but at the same time it can be easily damaged by improper cleaning techniques. I think this liquid solution may also work for me on my leather sofas with power recliner.

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