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Cleaning blinds

We often come across great tips on the internet; some we’ve heard of before but every so often one comes along that we haven’t heard of, but we think “Why didn’t I think of that!”.

This one came from Dave Clayton on Twitter. The pictures on his Profile page might make you wince, but it’s obvious he knows a lot about cleaning.

Fabric blinds are a magnet from grease, dirt and dust. They are notoriously difficult to clean, both in terms of access and using a product that will tackle the build up without damaging the blinds.

Dave’s solution is simple but effective. Take them down, and place in a bath of hot water in which Soda Crystals have already been dissolved. Rinse and dry!

Just one word of caution from Dave. If the glue becomes brittle/weak, you may need to re-apply some glue. Of course, super glue works best, but as ever, watch those pinkies!

Photo of dirty blinds in a bath of soda crystals

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