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Eczema and other skin sensitivities

Cleaning & Laundry options for skin sensitivities

Eczema is a common problem, particularly amongst children and rates appear to be on the rise. In the UK, 1 in 5 children and 1 in 12 adults have eczema. It can be very debilitating. The National Eczema Society are a charity working hard to make life easier for sufferers and spreading awareness of the issue.

As part of their activity, they have published a number of factsheets. Some people believe that having a house TOO clean could be contributing to the problem. Many household cleaners can irritate sufferers, particularly those with irritant contact dermatitis (ICD).  However, the advice from the charity is as follows:

"If you are sensitve to regular cleaning products, try using ‘old fashioned’ agents – white vinegar (as an alternative to a proprietary glass cleaner), bicarbonate of soda (as an alternative to bleach) and soda crystals (as an alternative to bathroom/kitchen cleaners) – as they do not contain added chemicals and preservatives."


Woman with eczema

Of course, it's not strictly true to say they don't contain chemicals, because ALL cleaning products are a chemical, but it's certainly true that they contain no common allergen triggers such as fragrances or preservatives.

You can download a factsheet on eczema and household irritants.

Baby with detergent induced eczema
Liquid Soap

Laundry products

Laundry is another issue for people with skin sensitivities. Here is a very interesting article from a lady who went to great lengths to relieve her son's suffering from eczema. It details the decline of soap and the rise of detergents. She states that detergents can affect skin permeability. Babies' skin is very delicate so you may want to follow similar advice if the skin is dry, red or irritated.

Don't forget that our Liquid Soap Flakes are ideal for people with eczema as they contain no fragrances or preservatives. Of course, you can wash your clothes in them (including in the washing machine), but some even use them as shower gel and hand wash. That's in addition for general cleaning purposes, including wooden floors and leather. Here's what one reviewer said.

You may also want to use Soda Crystals or Soda Crystals Laundry Boost in conjunction with Liquid Soap, especially if you use emollients as they will be effective at removing the greasy residue from clothing. You should also consider swapping your fabric conditioner for white vinegar, which will ensure that any residue and hard water minerals are removed in the final rinse.


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15 thoughts on “Eczema and other skin sensitivities

  1. For many years I have suffered from small painful spots on my scalp after shampooing my hair. I have tried every type of shampoo in a bid to find a “cure”, from the mildest baby shampoo to medicated shampoo to prescription shampoo, all with little or no success. I have just started using your “Liquid soap flakes” to wash my hair and I can’t believe it, instant cure!!! The first time in years I don’t have a sore and painful scalp. Amazing. You really should market some personal care products. Thank you.

  2. Is this product made from coconut derived ingredients? Everything on planet earth seems to be and I am very allergic to it.
    Thanks for any information.

    1. Hi Janet – we are investigating the option to market the product for personal care use, because A LOT of people use it as a handwash, shower gel and shampoo – both for themselves and pets. It’s just pure natural soap from vegetable oil, so ideal for this use.

      1. So is this basically like Castille soap? That’s what I sometimes use already for my children’s eczema, but may try the liquid soap as a substitute to save me buying two separate products…

        1. Hi Jo – I’m not sure of the ingredients of castille soap, but ours is basically derived from coconut and sunflower oils. Lots of people with skin sensitivities use it as hand wash, shower gel etc because it has no fragrance or preservatives.

  3. Please can you advise Do liquid soap flakes contain Methylisi thiazolinone or Methylchlorinethiazolinone. I am very allergic to these preservatives. Many thanks

    1. Although Liquid Soap Flakes aren’t sold as a personal care product, they are purely soap and water, so many people use them for hand washing, shower gel and shampoo. There are no known allergens so are favoured by people with skin sensitivities.

  4. Are these the same soda crystals that my mum used to use on gnat bites about 40 years ago, thanks if you reply

    1. They are the same but just manufactured in a more efficient way and resulting in a fine crystal that’s easy to dissolve. You can however make cubes by putting them in ice cube trays and heating in a microwave very gently…a few seconds at a time until they START to melt. Take them out and when they cool again, they will be a solid cube.

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