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Whoops….soda crystals in the dishwasher!

shocked woman
Put Soda Crystals in the Dishwasher by mistake? If you have, don't worry, you aren't the first and you certainly won't be the last. Dishwashers use a special granular salt to soften the water. It works via an ion-exchange process and salt doesn't actually enter the wash chamber. Here is some more information about how a dishwasher water softener works. Salt action tablets DO NOT replace the need...
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Could cleaning be bad for your health?

A bowl of cleaning products
UPDATED 20 February 2018 Although lots of people might jump at any excuse to get out of the cleaning, the health benefits of a clean home are immeasurable - and that's before you take into account the exercise factor. Indeed, if you don't tackle mould in the home, it can have very serious health consequences. This is the advice from the NHS on mould and damp. Research from the University of Ber...
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Plastic pollution – is there a simple solution?

Plastic waste
Plastic pollution - what can be done? We've posted previously about the packaging options available to us. Packaging decisions are often complex; it's not just about the suitability of a material for its intended purpose, other factors come into play. Cost is undoubtedly a major one. Now waste and recycling is (rightly) in the media spotlight. Almost every decision has an impact and most of thos...
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Christmas cleaning tips

Christmas turkey and all the trimmings
During the Christmas season, you're probably busy buying presents and lots of food to enjoy over the festive period. But don't forget the cleaning! Here's our round up of top tips for 'showing out' and showing off during the party season and for dealing with the aftermath of all that rich greasy food with some good old fashioned 'Traditional' cleaning products. 1. The turkey tin and other cooki...
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The application of science…

Facepalm meme
Tips on the internet The internet is a valuable resource for research and information gathering on all manner of subjects, including cleaning & laundry. Indeed there are a wealth of tips and videos available featuring traditional cleaning products. Our particular favourite was How Clean is your House which regularly featured our products (even if the labels were some times obscured). You can...
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How to clean microfibre cloths

Treat with care Microfibre cloths are a relatively recent cleaning invention and are particularly handy. They are very effective yet gentle - that's why they're great at cleaning TV screens as well as car paint; that's why they're loved by car 'detailers' (professionals and hobbyists fanatical about cleaning the paint and protecting it whilst giving the ultimate shine). The thing is, they are al...
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How to remove pesticides from fruit and veg

removing pesticides from fruit
Wash your fruit & veg in bicarb.....say researchers! We've always known that a lot of people wash their fruit & veg in Soda Crystals, Bicarb or White Vinegar to help remove any residual chemicals, namely herbicides or pesticides. Simply rinsing them under the tap is usually not sufficient to remove all the residue. Researchers from Department of Food Science and ‡Department of Veterinary...
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Advice on preventing colour runs

Washing coloured items
There's nothing more frustrating than putting some whites in a mixed wash and finding one of the coloured items has run and dyed the whites. If that happens, there's very little you can do to rescue them. There is a slim chance of reviving them by washing immediately with Soda Crystals Laundry Boost (after removing the offending article of course). Here is more information from The Spruce. We a...
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Preventing blocked drains

Could you be inadvertently helping make a Fatberg? A 130 tonne, 250m long fatberg has been blocking a London sewer. Fatbergs are caused by a combination of fats and debris that has made its way to the sewers, usually from peoples' homes. The problem is caused because people are putting too much oil and sink down the drain as well as inappropriate items such as nappies and cleaning wipes. Problem...
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Cleaning wipes could cause infertility! Get back to cloths.

Another study highlighting concerns about the chemicals used around the home The University of California has released it's findings on a study into the chemicals used in household cleaners and some personal care products. It found that some of them have the potential to disrupt the oestrogen-signalling process, reports the Daily Mail. Although the chemicals are included in a popular cold remedy...
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