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Comment from Dri-Pak on the recent ‘acid’ attacks

Laboratory testing of liquids
There have been some horrific incidences of so called 'acid' attacks in the news of late. Strictly speaking, the attacks involve 'corrosive' liquids; an alkali can be just as dangerous as an acid. There is some confusion as to what products are 'safe' and which aren't, by some members of the public, as can be seen in this Twitter conversation. We have previously posted about the need for people...
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Where to buy our products

Here is a list of some of the retailers of our products Download our list of: Retailers   Soda Crystals Soda Crystals are readily available in most supermarkets and many other retail outlets, either in the laundry or cleaning section. Sometimes they are sold under the retailers own brand. Be aware that if they are sold in a plastic bottle, they are NOT Soda Crystals, but soda ash and are not ...
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Tips for a healthy toothbrush…and happy mouth

Could your toothbrush make you sick? Did you know that your toothbrush is home to more than 100 million bacteria including E. coli and staphylococci (Staph) bacteria, according to researchers at the University of Manchester? Although it's not really a reason to panic because your mouth and gums are host to bacteria in themselves, it does make sense to follow some hygiene tips to ensure that your...
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Traditional cleaning products are sssssssplendid

We hear of lots of different uses for our cleaning products, but we were recently contacted by Susan Coleman aka Snakey Sue. As her name suggests, she's an expert on snakes and hosts children's parties, educational speeches and even snake dancing! She also offers a public service by re-housing peoples' unwanted snakes. It's therefore essential that the cleaning products she uses are safe for th...
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Enjoy your cuppa…in a CLEAN mug

How to clean tannin stains from mugs Us Brits do like a good cuppa. What isn't so nice are the brown stains that can build up in your favourite mug over time. Some people may choose to bleach the stain, but that may not get rid of the the tannin build up; it will bleach it, making it harder to see if the build up has truly been removed. You could try a scoring pad, but that can be fiddly and tim...
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The ‘good old days’…?

Advertising from yester year As you'd expect, we're quite nostalgic about the past. There's plenty of wisdom to be gained from decades of experience. Some products stand the test of time and are as good today as they've always been. Sometimes, new technological developments can allow you to update and improve upon a product. Liquid Soap Flakes is one such product. It's more versatile and easier ...
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How do you clean your loo?

Have you read the small print? There is a bewildering array of toilet cleaners on the market and many are simply 'pop in the bowl' (or cistern) and forget. But have you actually read the back of the packet? You'll find that most of them contain a line 'Harmful to aquatic life with long lasting effects'. When you flush the loo and admire the brightly coloured liquid flowing off to the sewer, do yo...
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Sofa…so good!

clean sofa
A deep clean even the 'professionals' couldn't manage Here's an email we received recently from a happy customer: "I've been using your products for some time now and just wanted to share my latest success with you. A few years ago, we bought a very comfy second-hand,  three-piece suite.  It was a bit grubby but I thought we could have it cleaned and all would be fine.   W...
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Gentle but effective cleaning and care for shoes

Clean leather shoes with Liquid Soap Flakes
Cleaning shoes with Liquid Soap As you may know, Liquid Soap is ideal for cleaning leather. So it should come as no surprise that they are also ideal for cleaning leather shoes. They are very easy to use. As with any shoe cleaning product, make sure you remove excess dirt in the appropriate manner, whether that be with a soft brush or cloth. To clean the shoes and 'feed' the leather, simply app...
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“Descaling my kettle killed it!” – Or did it?

Cleaning a kettle with citric acid
Why you need to descale your home kitchen appliances regularly Have you ever heard someone, or even said it yourself, "I descaled my kettle and it burnt out!". Although this MAY have happened, it's not really the fault of the descaler. Here are the facts: If you have water hardness, then every time you use an appliance like a kettle or iron, then limescale will be deposited as the element heats ...
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