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“Descaling my kettle killed it!” – Or did it?

Cleaning a kettle with citric acid
Why you need to descale your home kitchen appliances regularly Have you ever heard someone, or even said it yourself, "I descaled my kettle and it burnt out!". Although this MAY have happened, it's not really the fault of the descaler. Here are the facts: If you have water hardness, then every time you use an appliance like a kettle or iron, then limescale will be deposited as the element heats ...
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Why does my Liquid Soap Flakes look different?

Different bottles of Liquid Soap Flakes
We are often contacted by people asking why their Liquid Soap Flakes looks a different colour to their previous bottle, or is of a different consistency. Some even return them to the store they bought them from, fearing they are 'faulty' or watered down. The explanation is relatively simple and the reason why many people love our 'Clean & Natural' range - they are produced from plant based nat...
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Do you NEED to use fabric conditioner?

Look what's lurking in the toilet bowl!
Could Fabric Softener be damaging your clothes? Fabric conditioner (or softener) is designed to eliminate static electricty and make clothes softer to the touch. They also impart a fragrance. They work by leaving small amounts of chemicals on the surface of the garments. But do you actually need to use it? Is it worth the extra expense? Here are some of the arguments against using it: ...
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UPDATED: Where to buy our traditional cleaning & laundry products

Linda and Phil Peake of the Vintage Wash House, Skipton
Here is a list of some of the retailers of our products Download our list of: Retailers   Soda Crystals Soda Crystals are readily available in most supermarkets and many other retail outlets, either in the laundry or cleaning section. Sometimes they are sold under the retailers own brand. Be aware that if they are sold in a plastic bottle, they are NOT Soda Crystals, but soda ash...
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Will you have a ‘traditional’ Christmas?

Christmas turkey and all the trimmings
As the Christmas season approaches, you're probably busy buying presents and lots of food to enjoy over the festive period. But don't forget the cleaning! Here's our round up of top tips for 'showing out' and showing off during the party season and for dealing with the aftermath of all that rich greasy food with some good old fashioned 'Traditional' cleaning products. 1. The turkey tin and othe...
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Home made toilet ‘fizzies’

Toilet fizzies made from traditional cleaning products
Have you ever looked on the label on the packaging of most toilet cleaners - whether it be liquid cleaners or products that sit on the side of the rim and dose some product with each flush? You'll see that the vast majority say 'extremely harmful to aquatic life'. Traditional cleaning products are a practical and more environmentally friendly solution. You can use Soda Crystals and a toilet br...
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Cleaning with lemons vs white vinegar

Lemons and white vinegar as surface cleaners
Lemons have a lovely fresh scent and have many uses, including cleaning. Lemons are part of the 'citrus' family of fruits and naturally contain an acid called 'citric acid'. Mild acids are popular for cleaning, including dissolving limescale and cleaning dirty/greasy surfaces. Any acid will have some disinfectant properties, as bacteria do not thrive in an acidic environment. Many people, p...
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Back to the future…or the land of Oz?

You'd expect somebody that sells cleaning products for a living to know all about modern cleaning products and those used daily by our grandparents. Tina works at a homewares store in Ashby-de-la-Zouch. She was intrigued by the increasing number of customers that were asking for traditional cleaning  products like Soda Crystals, white vinegar and bicarbonate of soda. Many were seeking them out ...
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FREE gunk pot to help keep drains clear

free far trap
One of the most popular uses of Soda Crystals is to help keep the drains from kitchen sinks clear. Although it also applies to other drains like the shower, the kitchen drain is subject to the most oil and fat entering it. One thing you can do to help prevent problems is to reduce the amount of oil and grease that goes down the drain in the first place. Many water companies will provide you...
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Dri-Pak doing its bit in the fight against cancer

Janine Bush raising funds for MacMillan
It's a sad fact of life that 1 in 2 people will get cancer in their lifetime. The shocking statistic may be because detection and awareness is higher and it may be the fact that people are living longer. Many also believe that environmental factors play a part - the pollution in the air, the food we eat and the carcinogens that we are exposed to every day. Here's some articles we wrote about cance...
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