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Can Soda Crystals help a swollen joint?

We are often asked by people whether Soda Crystals can be used for a swollen joint – usually a knee or ankle. We are aware of Soda Crystals being used for this purpose, particularly the old fashioned variety of Soda Crystals, which were supplied as large crystals, rather than the free-flowing variety that we use in the home today.swollen knee

According to the Bowen Technique, the theory goes that you place some Soda Crystals in some fabric and wrap it around the joint. After 3 or 4 hours, the crystals are wet and the swelling has reduced….the theory being that the Soda Crystals have absorbed fluid from the swollen area.

So it does work?

Well, after a fashion, but it isn’t absorbing fluid from the swollen area. There’s a bit of pseudo-science at play. Soda Crystals are actually a wet product in that they have a high water content. As they get hot, the moisture content precipitates out. This process requires energy, thereby drawing heat from the skin…and thereby reduce swelling. It’s not drawing fluid from the knee.

We believe that an ice pack will be just as effective…and a lot cheaper!

Just use Soda Crystals for all their other fantastic cleaning and laundry properties.

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