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National Eczema Week 2018

Advice on dealing with eczema During National Eczema Week 2018 (15-23 September), the National Eczema Society has issues guidance on managing the condition. The advice is as follows: 1. Keep your home cool to ease itching – around 18°C is ideal. 2. Go fragrance-free. Anything with a strong scent, from soap to air freshener, may be irritating to your skin.  3. Mind the gap! Leave at least 10 minu...
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Cleaning leather sofas with Liquid Soap

How to clean leather sofas Leather is a fantastic natural product that gives years of service; it's very practical for sofas and chairs because many spills and stains can be wiped off. Some stains need a bit more of a wipe than simply a damp cloth and from time to time, it's good advice to give the whole sofa a clean to remove the dirt and grease that can accumulate from clothes, skin and hair t...
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Maintaining water quality in paddling pools

girl in paddling pool
Keep the young ones happy...and healthy! With the current hot weather and start of the school holidays, there's nothing the kids like better than splashing around in the paddling pool. But what should you do with the water at the end of the day? With most people on water meters and hosepipe bans in force in some areas of the country, it makes sense to save the water for the next day and beyond. ...
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Soda Crystals gone hard?

How to stop soda crystals going hard
Did you know that Soda Crystals are actually a 'wet' product? It's a physical characteristic that at above 32oC, they start to 'melt'. As their temperature drops, they will set solid. In the UK, this doesn't usually present too much of a problem as temperatures rarely reach, or stay at, those temperatures. Some people may think that they have somehow got wet, but that isn't the issue. Obviously...
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Cleaning mobile device & glasses

Cleaning screens with white vinegar
Easy way to streak free clarity So many devices these days rely on touch screen technology. This makes them easy to use, but results in greasy finger marks, whether that be the skin's own natural oils, moisturising cream or suntan lotion. Whether it be glass, or plastic, the result can be unsightly and make text difficult to read.    It's not just devices that are affected; it's also true of...
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Could cleaning be bad for your health?

A bowl of cleaning products
UPDATED 27 June 2018 The scientific journal 'Human Reproduction Update' suggests that exposure to Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals (EDCs) could be having a bigger impact on men's fertility than diet or exposure to electronic devices. EDCs are discussed at the foot of this post. You can read the news story on the Chemsec site. MAIN ARTICLE Although lots of people might jump at any excuse to get o...
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Kitchen towels – are you washing them enough?

New microbiology research A new study presented at the American Society for Microbiology has highlighted the issue of infections caused by moist kitchen towels. The problem is particularly acute in kitchens were meat is prepared and cooked. A particular risk for meat eating households is e-coli, but the study found that vegetarian families were still at risk from Enterococcus. You can read about...
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Plastic pollution – is there a simple solution?

Plastic waste
Plastic pollution - what can be done? UPDATE 23 May 2018 Since initially posting this article in January, we'd live to give you a quick update of the measures that we're planning to take to reduce the use of plastic or at least make the plastic more sustainable if no viable alternatives exist. We're making these changes after in-depth discussion with packaging material suppliers. It's fair to sa...
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How to clean motorcycle (and other) leathers

use Liquid Soap to clean motorcycle leathers
Gentle care for tough clothing Motorcycle leathers are designed to be durable and obviously strong....strong enough to protect a rider in the event of an accident. Unfortunately they can also get quite grimy inside and out. Traffic fumes and sweat can take their toll. But like any leather item, you can't just put them in the washing machine with your usual detergent, you need something dedic...
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Whoops….soda crystals in the dishwasher!

shocked woman
Put Soda Crystals in the Dishwasher by mistake? If you have, don't worry, you aren't the first and you certainly won't be the last. Dishwashers use a special granular salt to soften the water. It works via an ion-exchange process and salt doesn't actually enter the wash chamber. Here is some more information about how a dishwasher water softener works. Salt action tablets DO NOT replace the need...
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