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7 (often forgotten) dirtiest areas of the home!

What’s the dirtiest area of your home? The floor? The toilet? 

In actual fact the dirtiest places of the home tend to be the commonly used places that are often overlooked during the day-to-day cleaning routine. These areas that get used on a daily basis could actually be the dirtiest and harbour the most bacteria!
Here are a few reminders of places in the home you may have missed in your general clean…
1. Light Switches, door knobs & handles
Used everyday by everyone in the house! Keep these areas clean to prevent nasty colds and tummy bugs from spreading, particularly around this time of year.

2. Kitchen sponge

The kitchen sponge gets used everyday to wipe down surfaces, clean up spills and wash dishes, but you don’t have to start with a new one each week – most can be put in the dishwasher or thrown in the washing machine with the tea towels.

3. Remote Control
The lounge is spotless, the cushions are plumped and the TV is gleaming, but what about the remote control? You might want to give those germy buttons a wipe before the next movie night. Popcorn anyone?
4. Computer keyboard & mouse
We all like to snack at the computer, but make sure you clean the keys and mouse thoroughly in your regular clean or germs will build up and can easily be transferred to your mouth!


5. Kitchen sink & drain
Left over food stuck in the drain can spread germs back up the plughole to where you’re washing your dishes, especially if it gets blocked or drains slowly. Make sure it’s kept clear, by pouring down a cup of Soda Crystals followed by a kettle of boiling water.
6. Telephone
Phones pick up grease, make up, hair, dead skin and all kinds of nasties, so make sure you wipe the buttons as well as the ear and mouth piece thoroughly.

7. Bin

You empty the bin on a regular basis, but spills and splits in bin liners can lead to a very stinky, bacteria ridden area of the kitchen. Make sure you wipe any part of the bin you touch and rinse out the inside of the bin with a regular Soda Crystals solution whenever you can. Sprinkling a cup of Bicarbonate of Soda in the bottom of the bin will also help to absorb smells.

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